Most businesses aim for growth, and one of the most important aspect to aid in growth is good partnerships! So within the last year Butterflydij LLC has partnered with these two companies to compliment each other's business growth.

  Black Nurses Rock 

Black Nurses Rock, Inc. was founded in 2014. BNR’s launch was heard throughout the nation, igniting a movement in Black Nurses Nationwide. Black Nurses Rock Inc. is an organization with a focus to foster a positive environment of professional growth and development. They provide support and mentorship to nurses in an effort to elevate their profession and improve our communities.

Black Nurses Rock is the largest minority nursing association in the country, with chapters and is largest online community where professional black nurse’s share, network, and develop together representing over ~200K active African American Nurses and students from the USA, Canada, Eastern Caribbean, Japan, and Germany. 

Our partnership is a cohesive one in which Butterflydij Boutique supports BNR Shop product fulfillment for BNR customized products.




  Balance Project 

Balance Project is growing movement that was incubated 3 years prior to its official launch in 2022.  The Balance Project is built around the BALANCE Album which is the creation of Ergon Media Group LLC and Black Carpet Movement's Kyle Noel. 

The BALANCE album consist of Seven EPs. Each track on every EP is recorded in 432 Hz frequency that emits a natural frequency to the 7 meridians of the body energy chambers, better known as the Chakra system.  Tracks are composed and produced with smooth mellow harmonies, and tones that relaxes the mind and body as it flows out of the Steelpan!  The Chakra system holds your body’s energy (or prana) and your actions can help keep it in balance.

Butterflydij Boutique's partnership with Balance Project supports their Balance Project Membership card holder with exclusive discount and customized merchandise for the Balance Merch Store. This partnership allows expansion for Butterflydij Boutique reach into the Caribbean market.