Monarch Rewards Points Program🦋

Did you know you can earn points while you shop with us?

For every $1 you spend you earn 1 point, and spending is not the only way to earn points either. 

You automatically get 20 points when you create an account, and here are just some of the other ways you can earn points with our "Monarch Rewards Program":

Get 50 points for your birthday every year!

Get 10 points for following us on Facebook!

Get 10 points for following us on Instagram!

Get 30 points when you leave a product & service review!

Sharing our products you love on Facebook gets you 10 points!

Earn 2 points every time you visit the store!

Spend $175 and you will automatically get 2000 points!

Get 50 points when you Refer A Friend to us!

These are just some of the ways to earn points without spending a dime with us, and you can redeem your earned points to receive FREE Products, Free Shipping and Discounts!  

So why wait? Sign up today and start earning points instantly.  Just click this iconon the bottom right of this website to get started!

Note: You must be signed into your account when performing these functions to earn points.